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on a roll with my House Stark tattoo idea, unfortunately I need to go to bed because it’s already almost 2am and I need to start un-fucking my sleep schedule

current works in progress, I wanna fucking puke. this isn’t even half of them

here is a bark bark for you

"We become comfortable in the dark and it makes it hurt to look into the light. I guess you just have to keep going."

Chest Pains

Why don’t you understand? I have a heart too. And it’s all I have.

Anubis WIP

Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce the Selfish Machine

quiet feelings

you will be dying

Sometimes I’m not good at expressing myself so I don’t know what else to say here


I get scared a lot

Like last night when I drew this at 3am

"bad boy"

ha, get it. because he killed someone.

the process in which I make tattoo designs.

this one’s for my friend bryce (king-of-the-underworld). the first image was our mess-around picture, where we figured out where everything was going. it took probably the second most time after coloring. the second image was my rough sketch, the third image is the inked piece. the last step took forever but it was so worth it.

he got to watch me while I draw most of it on my, which was really cool because he could see what I was drawing while I was drawing it and he could correct me if I didn’t draw something the way he wanted it.

this took over four hours, seeing as it’s now 4:04am. I’m gonna go work on my own tattoo designs now c: SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK

if I were to start taking tattoo design commissions (which I want to) this is how I would do it. if you’re interested let me know!

idk if I’m popular enough for art theft but if you steal this or remove credit I will rip out your throat, and if you repost it anywhere I will make sure you take it down and then I will rip out your throat. c:

my room mate brought me a sandwich and I drew a fox

ps. it’s transparent

melanistic coyote, sassy doge, and an albino shepherd bby

Last mistake before you die. Did you ever think for a second that you were even remotely in control?