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hook you fast kill you hard
5 hours.
paint tool SAI, Wacom Intuos tablet.
© hayley n. fox
october 7, 2014

lol i forgot to tell people i made an art blog but yeah i draw sometimes go follow starving-art to see?

anxiety, bitches

I am working on a thing and I think it’s gonna be a good thing ayyy

puppies because idk

selfish fucking machine

my clock says I did this in 8 minutes, which I didn’t think was possible. done for a friend, thanks so much for the help dingomutt !!! lots of love

on a roll with my House Stark tattoo idea, unfortunately I need to go to bed because it’s already almost 2am and I need to start un-fucking my sleep schedule

current works in progress, I wanna fucking puke. this isn’t even half of them

here is a bark bark for you

"We become comfortable in the dark and it makes it hurt to look into the light. I guess you just have to keep going."

Chest Pains

Why don’t you understand? I have a heart too. And it’s all I have.

Anubis WIP

Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce the Selfish Machine

quiet feelings