• before people get to know me: Oh my god you're so shy...and quiet...it's adorable
  • after we become friends: DEAR GOD DO YOU EVER SHUT UP


when pretty girl calls u pretty: br….br o..

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i couldn’t sleep last night so i drew this instead

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That’s what you get

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cat riding dog (wearing sunglasses)

that dog has a frickin cELL PHONE WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL IS THIS

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i get really happy when it’s not me who starts the conversation because that removes so much anxiety about whether i’m bothering the person or if they secretly hate me even if i know that’s not true 

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Now, a lot of you think you know Deva Cooper. You don’t. I spent a day with this girl, and I talk to her almost everyday. Most of the things you hear about her are negative. They shouldn’t be. People go around calling her a whore, saying these awful things about her. I used too, but thats not who she is. Deva is beautiful, inside and out. Honestly, she thinks so horribly about herself and that makes me so sad. When I look at these photos, raw, and of her barely clothed, I see nothing but vulnerability. It breaks my heart to see such a good person, who has made mistakes in the past hate themselves.  Dweeb, you are beautiful, sensitive, unique, strong willed, passionate, brave, caring, loving, and so many more things. I just hope one day you feel that way about yourself. This is also sad because if you look at statistics it will tell you almost 86.8% of all teenage girls think this, also. But, in reality almost 100% of teenage girls think this way. Don’t get me wrong, boys do too. But, we have got to stop calling eachother names and speaking so badly about people. Thats one thing i learned this year, life is fucking short. Love yourself, and love others. You have one body, one mind, and one life. Deva, I love you. (no homo :’) )

*sobs* 😭 absolutely perfect.


70 Most Useful Sites on the Internet

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Illustrator & Artist:

Naomi Chen

Part of the  "Dogs"  Series

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